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View, sort, or group your files

clock October 31, 2013 11:16 by Greg Hacobian

Do you organize you photos by date or the place they were taken? How about your income tax papers? Everyone has their own way of organizing things. Organizing helps you to find your stuff as quickly as possible, and you can use File Manager to organize your digital files and folders.

Three basic ways to organize your files and folders in the File Manager are sorting, grouping, and changing your view. Understanding the differences between these options will help you customize and combine them to your liking.

Sort your files

Sorting will reorder your files. Generally, files are listed in alphabetical order by file name. But sometimes you need to order your files based on other file properties. For example, if you're viewing a list of different file types, sorting them by “Type” may make more sense than ordering by name.

To sort your files
  • 1. Click on a folder you want to sort.
  • 2. Right-click an empty space, point to Sort by, and then click a property (such as Type).

Group Your Files

In addition to sorting, you can also group files by property. If you choose to ‘Group By’ option, there will be a distinct separation between your files and they will be sorted under sub-headings according to the criteria you set. So, if you have a folder full of different type of files, you might want to group them by date to separate them by the date they were created.

To group your files by property
  • 1. Click on a folder you want to Group files.
  • 2. Right-click an empty space, point to Group by, and then click a property (such as Type).

If you want to remove the grouping separation in a folder, just right-click an empty space, point to Group by, and then click (None).

Change the appearance of your files (View)

In addition to changing how your files are organized, you can also change how they appear.

To change your view
  • 1. Click on a folder.
  • 2. On the toolbar, click the arrow next to the Views button, and then select the desired view.

If you mix view options with different arrange, sort, or group options, you can create some interesting and helpful combinations.

Digitalbucket mobile web

clock August 12, 2013 05:35 by Greg Hacobian

It’s amazing how Smart phones and Tablets have accelerated the pace of Businesses faster than any other technology. One of the best things about storing your photos, music, videos and documents with is the ability to access them from anywhere – and especially from your phone when you’re on the move.

Even with all these great technologies, keeping up the way you work on your Laptop, on your Smart Phone on your Tablet is still a challenge. It is impossible to keep it all straight.


It is one app, whether you are using an iPhone, BlackBerry, iPad, Andriod, It works seamlessly across all your devices with all your data.

Log in with your account credentials and you’ll find yourself in a small, sleek version of your portal. You can browse your folders, view files or send files.

You can view PDF, Office Documents, and images right from within the app. Other files can be downloaded and opened from within apps that you’ve installed on your device.

Do you regularly use our mobile web portal? Do you have particular features or improvements that you’d like to see in future? Please send us an email and let us know.

New iOS app for Digitalbucket

clock May 21, 2013 05:08 by Greg Hacobian

We’ve been thrilled with the success of our original iPhone app. Over the last few months we have been working on an updated iOS app to bring your files with you when you're on the go. Today, we are introducing the all-new iOS app, which delivers a beautiful new design, improved ease of use, and highly requested features –Open In – to make you even more productive. This new app is designed to be a universal app that can be used by your iPhone or iPad.

You can download the app directly from the App Store.

Brand New Design - Over the last few months we have completely redesigned the iPhone app to simplify how you access, and share your files and folders. The app has been completely updated to provide the same ease of use and modern design that are the hallmarks of the Digitalbucket web and mobile apps.

Simpler Navigation - Quickly access, preview, and share files.

Share Content - Easily share the items you have with your business associates by links.

Save Files - Add files to your iOS device for fast, offline viewing

Open In - The “Open In” option allows you to open documents, or PDF using other apps installed on your iOS devices, manipulate them and save them back into your Digitalbucket account. For example use “PDF Expert” to annotate PDF documents, or use Apple Pages, Number, and Keynote apps to edit Office documents and save back to Digitalbucket.

Celebrating 5 Years!

clock April 1, 2013 05:21 by Greg Hacobian

Five years ago we took the "beta" label off of and officially opened for business. It is humbling to think of all the small businesses (and big businesses) who do not survive five years, much less these last five years during the economic downturn. We are grateful for your continued dedication and support. 

It's also crazy to think about how much the technology world has changed. In early 2008, "cloud computing" was an emerging trend, the iPhone was still a baby, was still unknown, and Dropbox was on the drawing board. Today "cloud computing" is a no brainer, and we see new cloud services that continue to push down the cost and/or increase the productivity of running a small business. 

It's been so exciting and fulfilling to hear stories of our customers picking Digitalbucket over Box, Dropbox, and the others out there. Digitalbucket continues to be the best solution for small businesses to securely share files with business partners and colleagues, upload big files quickly, and access those files via Web, Mac, PC, Mobile. 

Even more important than the features, we strive to provide excellent customer support to each and every customer and have been generously rewarded with your loyalty. Thank you!

We're not resting on our past achievements. In 2013, we will continue to innovate, enhance, and simplify our service for you.

Here's to the next 5 years as we transform file sharing for small businesses!

Android app is Here!

clock January 15, 2013 04:44 by Greg Hacobian

We’re really excited to announce first version of our Android app! For those who are working from their smartphones, is now offering an Android app, which joins the existing iPhone and iPad apps, to enable users to access and share files while on the road.

The Android app has some nice features, shared with web app, such as being able to:

     • Access and View Documents, Photos, Videos, and Presentation on the go.

     • Share files by links easily via email.

     • Save files locally for offline viewing.

     • Photo Galleries.

     • File renaming: Simple as it sounds – files and folders can now be renamed.

     • Single-tap access to actions: All file and folder actions are available from a single tap.


Thanks to all of our users who helped us test the build earlier this week.

Download the 2. app from the Android Market. Integration with

clock November 12, 2012 05:47 by Greg Hacobian


The integration lets users leverage the power of to Access, Store and Share files directly from The files are stored in are accessible in the interface and It allows users to easily share files such as product data sheets and sales collateral with customers and sales team members directly from

We have developed a Widget that allows users to access their files right from A visual page has been developed that make this integration possible.

This application allows users to add the visual page to the Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts tabs. It is also possible to insert the page into a new Tab.


When users try to access their files from the for the first time, the application asks for user credentials. Single Sign on has been implemented that allows users to automatically log into their account after their first successful integration.

In order for users to access the account, users must have a valid account with and their plan must support this integration. 

Please contact us for more information if you are interested in this integration.


More Companies Using Cloud Services

clock September 19, 2012 06:53 by Greg Hacobian

There is a new study that shows that more companies are turning to the cloud to store their business critical information. The study surveyed nearly 600 companies across a wide range of industries about current data volumes, data growth expected, current data backup practices, and challenges surrounding online data storage, file management and distribution.

Nearly 40 percent of respondents currently use a cloud-based solution for either primary or secondary backup, while two-thirds ranked costs of cloud or backup systems as a problem for them, and only 15 percent said they were very satisfied with their current cloud solution.

While cloud services usage show a positive trend with this business audience, many companies are still experiencing significant challenges with their data backup and distribution.

Can cloud services really benefit your business?

There are still a large percentage of businesses do not use cloud services. This may be because they are unaware of the new technologies and services, do not understand the benefits, or simply believe it’s too expensive.

Increasing Data growth and the corresponding hardware obsolescence are creating the biggest challenges for business. A company’s ability to manage documents and data effectively is critical to operational effectiveness, employee productivity and ultimately help reduce expenses. gives your business access to storage and other in-the-cloud IT infrastructure services on demand, charging you only for the resources you actually use. With you can reduce costs, improve cash flow, minimize business risks and maximize revenue opportunities for your business.

· Use to provision IT resources on-demand within minutes so your business’s applications launch in days instead of months.

· Use as a low-cost test environment to sample new business models, execute one-time projects, or perform experiments aimed at new revenue opportunities.

· No long-term commitments. Supports multiple operating systems.

· is Reliable, Secure, Inexpensive, and it is Flexible.

· is used in Sales and Manufacturing, Marketing Firms, Law Firms, Retail and Franchise and many more industries.

Give a try and see how our cloud services can benefit your business’s bottom line.

Customer Success Story

clock August 17, 2012 05:40 by Admin

Here is an example why businesses, of all sizes, across all industries, trust for their file sharing needs.

Customer Appreciation Promotion

clock July 30, 2012 08:03 by Greg Hacobian


We've identified you as an active user and are pleased to introduce our new customer appreciation program. By September 15th, if you refer to a new client and they sign up for an Annual Small or Midsize Business Plan, we will provide you with a $50 Amazon Gift card.

At the end of the promotion, the person with the most referrals will be eligable to receive a brand New iPad, courtesy of


Stream all of your videos from the web – wherever you are

clock July 2, 2012 06:06 by Greg Hacobian makes it easy to upload your files and distribute them between all of your users, but we’re always looking for new ways to help you make the most of your files once they’re in the cloud. We’re excited to announce that you can take advantage of our fantastic video streaming from your web browser too – wherever you are!

With you can log in to your account and from the File Manager play any video file straight from your browser. We currently support the following Video formats.

Formats: asf, avi, wmv, wma, mpg, mp3, mov, mp4, m4v, m4b, 3gp, m4a, swf, flv

Simply go to any video in your account and select Play Video:


Have any thoughts or feedback on the new video streaming? We’d love to hear from you! Simply tell us your thoughts in the comments section below this post.