We are excited to announce the integration of EchoSign with digitalbucket.net.

EchoSign is the fastest, easiest way to get contracts signed, tracked and filed. EchoSign instantly shows you what’s out for signature, what's been signed, when and by whom. All documents are converted to a PDF and automatically routed to all parties. In addition, archival copies of all your signed contracts are automatically stored in your digitalbucket.net and EchoSign accounts with no scanning, inputting or effort required.

How it works?

  • Make sure you have an EchoSign account. You will need your account credentials when sending documents from digitalbucket.net.
  • Upload your document(s) to your digitalbucket.net account.
  • Right click on your document and select "Sign with EchoSign".

  • Enter your EchoSign credential and your recipients' email addresses.
  • You can also optionally add note, change the signature type, modify signature flow and password protect the entire signature process. These optional settings can be modified from the tabs shown at above dialog.
  • When ready, click on Send.
  • All of the recipients will receive an email. They just open the email and sign electronically. Your recipients don't need to be EchoSign account holders. They just need to enter their name, initial and click "Click to Sign".
  • Or, print the PDF attachment, sign it and fax it back using cover sheet provided.
  • All parties automatically receive a PDF copy of the signed document the moment it is signed via email.
  • A copy of your signed document will be copied to your digitalbucket.net account if this option was selected.

Hope you like this great feature.